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All about Certified Financial Analysts

The Certified financial analyst (CFA) Program is a rigorous three-part exam that tests candidates' knowledge of investment analysis, asset valuing, and portfolio management, making it a highly sought-after career path for students, professionals, and investment managers.

What is a CFA charter?

The CFA charter is a globally recognized professional certification provided by the CFA Institute. It is considered the gold standard in investment analysis.

How many levels of exams are required for the CFA charter?

The CFA charter requires three levels of exams.

What is the minimum experience requirement to obtain the CFA charter?

The CFA charter requires four years of professional experience and four years of relevant professional experience.

What is the reputation of the CFA charter?

The CFA charter is one of the most respected financial certifications.

Key Points

Globally Recognized Professional Designation
The CFA Charter is a globally-recognized professional designation granted by the CFA Institute. It is a highly sought-after credential in the finance industry that demonstrates mastery of financial knowledge.
Challenging Exams
The CFA exams are challenging and require a great deal of discipline and extensive studying in order to pass. Those who successfully pass the CFA exams are considered to be well-versed in the fundamentals of finance.
Professional Experience
In order to be eligible for the CFA Charter, you must have at least four years of professional experience in the finance field. This experience helps to ensure that CFA Charterholders have the requisite knowledge and expertise to perform the duties of a Certified Financial Analyst.

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