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View Your Purchase History Report

The Purchase History Report is your window into your past purchases, providing information on recent and older purchases!

How do I calculate the purchase history report?

In order to calculate a customer's purchase history report, it is important to gather the necessary data in Sourcetable. To analyze the purchase history, the data must be grouped according to the same item. This will allow you to see which items are most frequently purchased, and which items are the most popular among customers. Additionally, you can use formulas to calculate the value of each purchase and the total amount spent by the customer.

What is the purchase history report?

The purchase history report is an online record of all your recent and older purchases.

Where can I find the purchase history report?

The purchase history report is available online.

What information does the purchase history report contain?

The purchase history report contains a list of recent and older purchases.

Key Points

Purchases Overview
The purchase history report gives retailers an overview of all the orders their customers have made in the past. It includes information about the customer, products, and dates of the orders.
Item Details
The purchase history report includes specific details about the items purchased. This allows retailers to gain insight into which products and services are being purchased by customers.
Customer Information
The purchase history report also includes information about the customer. This includes their name, contact information, and other data that can be used to improve customer service.
Order Dates
The purchase history report includes the dates of orders in order to track trends in customer buying habits over time. This can be used to anticipate customer demand and better plan for the future.
Product Details
The purchase history report includes details about the products that were purchased. This can help retailers better understand which products are popular and are likely to be in demand.
The purchase history report allows retailers to use order history to optimize their business. This includes making changes to product offerings, customer service, and marketing strategies to increase their sales.

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