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Recurring Revenue Business Model

Recurring revenue is a key ingredient for companies looking for a steady stream of income. It is predictable, stable, and certain, making it an ideal source of income for any business.


ARR = MRR x 12

How do I calculate the recurring revenue?

It is important for subscription companies to understand the concept of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). ARR is a key success metric and momentum metric for subscription companies. It is the annualized version of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and helps companies to understand their potential revenue growth. To calculate ARR, use the following formula:  ARR = MRR x 12. Companies can use Sourcetable to calculate ARR accurately.

What is MRR?

MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue and is the most popular method of normalizing recurring revenues for subscription analytics. It provides a more accurate picture of performance.

What is ARR?

ARR stands for Annual Recurring Revenue and is used almost exclusively in B2B subscription businesses. It is used when the minimum subscription term is one year and is used because it aligns better with GAAP revenue.

What are the advantages of ARR over MRR?

ARR has one advantage over MRR – it is used in businesses with low transaction volume and high transaction value.

Key Points

How do I calculate recurring revenue?
ARR = MRR x 12
Increasing the velocity of signing new clients
One of the key points about recurring revenue is the importance of increasing the velocity of signing new clients. By focusing on outreach, businesses can increase the number of clients they bring in, which can result in more recurring revenue.
Focusing on outreach
Another key point about recurring revenue is focusing on outreach. By increasing the amount of time and effort put into outreach, businesses can bring in more customers and increase their recurring revenue.
The ASP impacts the velocity of signing new clients
The Average Selling Price (ASP) can also impact the velocity of signing new clients. Companies should take the ASP into account when determining how many new customers they can bring in and how much recurring revenue they can generate.

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