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What is Valuation?

Valuation is a quantitative process that helps determine the fair value of an asset or company by considering the worth of the security and company using multiples.


VAL = Total Outstanding Shares * Price per Share

How do I calculate the valuation?

It is important to understand the process of valuing a business, as it can be used for many reasons. There are a few different methods for calculating the worth of a business, such as market cap, earnings multipliers, or book value. To calculate market cap, multiply the total number of outstanding shares of a company by its current market price per share. Earnings multipliers take into account the company’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) to create an estimate of the company’s value. Lastly, book value takes into consideration the company’s assets and liabilities to estimate the business’s worth. 

Using programs such as Sourcetable can help to make the process of calculating the worth of a business much easier. It’s important to keep in mind that the results of these calculations are only estimates, and actual values may vary.

What activities are involved in Valuation?

Valuation involve posters, signs, television commercials, radio spots, and other forms of media.

What is the purpose of Valuation?

The purpose of Valuation is to provide customers with answers to their most common questions about a product or service.

What formulas are involved in Valuation?

Valuation may involve formulas such as Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Discounted Cash Flow.

Key Points

How do I calculate valuation?
VAL = Total Outstanding Shares * Price per Share
Business Valuation
Business valuation is the process of determining the worth of a business. This is used for a variety of reasons, such as for potential investors, buyers, or lenders to get an objective estimate of the value of a business. Professional evaluators use various methods and tools to calculate a business valuation, such as the market capitalization and the Time Revenue Method.
Market Capitalization Method
The market capitalization method is the simplest way to value a business. This method takes the company's current stock price and multiplies it by the total number of outstanding shares to determine the market capitalization. This is a quick and effective way to determine the value of a business.
Time Revenue Method
The Time Revenue Method is a stream of revenues business valuation method. This method considers the expected cash flows of the business to estimate its value. This method is used to value businesses based on the expected future cash flows and not just the current market value.

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