Formulas / CELL
The CELL function is used in Sourcetable to get information about a cell, such as the address, data type, and contents.
CELL(info_type, [reference])
  • info_type - describes what type of cell information is returned
  • reference - [OPTIONAL] the cell to get information about


  • =CELL("col", C10)

    returns 3, which is the column number of C10.

  • =CELL("address",A1)

    returns "$A$1", which is the address of A1 as text.

  • =CELL("filename",A1)

    returns path + filename, which is the full path and workbook name for the worksheet.

  • =CELL("format",A1)

    returns C2 if A1 contains 100 with the currency number format applied.

  • =CELL("format",A1)

    returns "F0()" if A1 uses the custom number format (0).


The CELL function allows you to return information about a cell's formatting, location, or contents.

  • The types of information the CELL function can return about a cell include text for the address of the cell, text for the filename and path for a workbook, and formatting used in the cell.
  • Be cautious when using the CELL function. It is a volatile function that may cause performance issues with large or complex worksheets.
  • It is highly recommended that you specify the reference argument. This may make the CELL function operate more reliably.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the CELL function do?
The CELL function is used to get information on a cell's formatting, location, or contents.
Why is the CELL function useful?
The CELL function is useful if you want to verify that a cell is correctly formatted. This is helpful before performing a calculation on that cell.
Is specifying a reference argument for the CELL function required?
No, specifying a reference argument is not required. However, it is suggested to specify a reference argument as it increases the reliability of the information returned about a cell.

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