Formulas / CONCAT
Combine strings of text values.
CONCAT(text1, text2, ...)
  • text1 - required text to be joined
  • text2, ... - [OPTIONAL] additional text to join


  • =CONCAT(A1," ",B1)

    The CONCAT function combines two or more strings together. In this example, the CONCAT function combines the value of A1, which is the number 44378, and the value of B1, which is a string, into the result "44378 string".

  • =A1&" "&B1

    This is the same result as the previous example. However, this formula is useful if you want to combine multiple strings together, for example, if you want to concatenate two columns of text for a single result.

  • =CONCAT("The date is ",TEXT(A1,"mmmm d"))

    The CONCAT function can combine a string with a formatted number. In this example, the CONCAT function combines the string "The date is" with the value of A1, which is the number 44378, and formats it as "mmmm d". The result is "The date is July 1".


The CONCATENATE function is a text function in Excel 2016, Excel Mobile, and Excel for the web that joins multiple strings of text into a single string and returns the joined strings. It is being replaced by the CONCAT function.

  • The CONCAT function joins values supplied as references or constants and takes up to 255 total arguments.
  • The arguments for the CONCAT function may be cell references, ranges, or hard-coded text strings and the CONCAT function always takes the first argument.
  • The CONCAT function automatically ignores empty cells, creates a result string of the unmatched values when concatenating many values together, but does not provide options for delimiters or empty values.
  • Numbers provided to the CONCAT function are converted to text values during concatenation and may return a #VALUE! error if the result is larger than 32767 characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CONCAT function?
The CONCAT function is a function that combines strings of text in a cell. It is available in Excel 2019 or later.
What happens if the string exceeds 32767 characters?
The CONCAT function throws a #VALUE! error if the string exceeds 32767 characters.
Is CONCAT function available for both Windows and Mac?
Yes, the CONCAT function is available for both Windows and Mac.
What is the TEXTJOIN function?
The TEXTJOIN function is an alternative to the CONCAT function. It lets you include delimiters in the strings CONCAT combines and it lets you remove empty arguments from CONCATENATE.

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