Formulas / FREQUENCY
Counts how many times each value appears in a data set
FREQUENCY(data_array, bins_array)
  • data_array - an array of or reference to a set of values to count frequencies for
  • bins_array - an array of or reference to intervals to group the values in data_array into


  • =FREQUENCY(C5:C14,F5:F8)

    returns a multi-cell array of the frequency of the values in C5:C14 in the bins in F5:F8.

  • =TRANSPOSE(FREQUENCY(data,bins))

    returns a horizontal result using the FREQUENCY formula.

  • =FREQUENCY(C5:C14,L5:L8)

    returns an array of six counts that entered into G5 automatically spill the counts into the range G5:G9.


The FREQUENCY function is used to count the number of times a value appears in a range.

  • The FREQUENCY function returns a frequency distribution, which is a list of the count of every value in a range of provided intervals (also known as bins).
  • Sourcetable adds curly braces automatically when using control + shift + enter when using the FREQUENCY function.
  • The results returned from the FREQUENCY function are always a vertical range, but wrapping the FREQUENCY function in a TRANSPOSE function returns a horizontal range.
  • FREQUENCY must be entered as an array formula.
  • FREQUENCY returns one more item than bins to catch items greater than the bins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FREQUENCY function?
FREQUENCY is a function in Sourcetable that counts how often a set of values occurs in a range of values and returns a vertical array of numbers.
What type of formula is FREQUENCY?
FREQUENCY must be entered as an array formula.
Where must FREQUENCY be entered in the current version of Microsoft 365?
When using the current version of Microsoft 365, FREQUENCY must be entered in the top left cell of the output.
What types of cells does FREQUENCY ignore?
FREQUENCY ignores blank and text cells.

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