Recurly helps in management of recurring bills by providing a Software as a Service platform.

Sync Recurly data to Sourcetable

Build reports once. Connect to Recurly and start modeling from live data.

Popular Use Cases

Recurly connector Sourcetable connector
Automate Recurly reporting using Sourcetable
Recurly + Sourcetable
Recurly connector Sourcetable connector
Analyze subscription management performance
Recurly + Sourcetable
Recurly connector Sourcetable connector
Analyze retention and churn using Recurly data
Recurly + Sourcetable
Recurly connector HubSpot connector
Segment revenue performance by lead source
Recurly + HubSpot
Recurly connector Sourcetable connector
Create cohort reports using Recurly data
Recurly + Sourcetable
Here's a sample of the Recurly data that will be available in your Sourcetable spreadsheets:

Contains information regarding the account balance and has fields like account history, balance currency, balance amount and past due


Contains information regarding account and has fields like account address having city, country, region, phone, company, email, user name, bill to


Contains account history, user id, user email, message and timestamps of created at and updated at


Contains account history, cost currency, cost amount, channel, subchannel. campaign and timestamps of created at and updated at


Contains billing information like billing phone, street, region, postal codem country, and payment method information along with first name, last name, company, vat number


Contains coupon history, amount, currency, percentage, trial length, unit, and type


Contains coupon code, type, duration, expiry information, applicability, redemption information and plans


Contains association of coupon history and plan history


Contains association of coupon history, coupon updated at and plan history


Contains coupon history, account histoy, state, currency, discounted and timestamps of created at and updated at


Contains account history, invoice history, transaction history, uuid, action, currency, amount, voided at and timestamps of created at and updated at


Contains gift card information and has fields of delivery address, first name, last name, account history, invoice history, balance in cents, currency, redemption information


Contains the association of coupon redemption history, invoice history and invoice updated at


Contains invoice information like type, origin, invoice first name, last namem street, city, region, country, postal code, tax information, number, net terms, collection method, balance, total, paid, terms and conditions etc


Contains associations of invoice history and subscription history


Contains associations of invoice history, invoice updated at and subscription history


Contains information of account, plan history, plan add on history, subscription history, type, uuid, currency, amount, description, quantity, tax information, origin, product information etc


Contains plan history, object, codem state, name, accounting code, tax codem display quantity, default quantity, and timestamps of created at and updated at


Contains the information of plan add on history, currency and unit amount


Contains plan history, currency, setup fees, and unit amount


Contains the plan information like code, state, name, description, trial information, hostepd pages success url, cancel url, bypass confirmation, display quantity etc


Contains shipping address information like first name, last name, phone, company, city, region, country, email, phone etc


Contains subscripion id, plan add on, unit amoutm quantity, expired at, object and timestamp information of created at and modified at


Contains plan history, subscription history, object, unit amount, quantity, activated, activated at, and timestamps of created at and updated at


Contains associations of coupon redemption history, subscription history and subscription updated at


Contains account history, plan history, shipping address history, currency, current period ends at, current periodn started at, remaining billing cycles, total billing cycles, expiration reason, collection method etc


Contains transaction histoy, account history, invoice history, uuid, type, currency, payment deails, billing details,customer details, and status code, and message


Contains the association of transaction history and subscription history