Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform used to aide sales, support, and marketing functions by centralizing customer contact information across teams.

Sync Salesforce data to Sourcetable

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Popular Use Cases

Salesforce connector Sourcetable connector
Create custom dashboards and reports for Salesforce data
Salesforce + Sourcetable
Salesforce connector Sourcetable connector
Analyze sales rep peformance by day, week, month, region and lead source
Salesforce + Sourcetable
Salesforce connector PostgreSQL connector
Combine Salesforce and PostgreSQL database data to determine customer lifetime value
Salesforce + PostgreSQL
Salesforce connector Sourcetable connector
Automate Salesforce reporting using live data synced to Sourcetable
Salesforce + Sourcetable
Salesforce connector Sourcetable connector
Write custom queries against Salesforce data without learning SOQL or SQL
Salesforce + Sourcetable
Here's a sample of the Salesforce data that will be available in your Sourcetable spreadsheets:

Activity objects showcases various object types in the Journey specifications. It contains a unique jouney id, type of activity, a list of outcome and arguments object


Emails which we send in the Marketing cloud


Event which gets triggered as per user action like click event which represents when a user clicked on a link in the message


Journey or an interaction is the root object to create Jorney Specification which contains list of triggers, goals,activities, and defaults which have a list of email expresssionsto identify which email address to use as a default


A link which is there in the message, while this object does not support methods but some properties can be returned through the LinkSend object and retrieve method.


The link send object gives information about link which is there in a message being send


List object is a collection of subscribers


Subcriber list object is used to fetch the list of a particular subscriber


Send object sends an email and fetches data based on a job id.


A subscriber is a person who subscribes for a communication in the form of email or sms, the subscriber object is the instance of this person.


A triigered send definition represents a triggered send in the account