Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is a customer suport platform where customers can have real time interaction related to their concerns.

Sync Zendesk Chat data to Sourcetable

Build reports once. Connect to Zendesk Chat and start modeling from live data.

Popular Use Cases

Zendesk Chat connector Sourcetable connector
Create reports using Zendesk Chat data
Zendesk Chat + Sourcetable
Zendesk Chat connector MongoDB connector
Analyze the impact of customer zupport on user retention
Zendesk Chat + MongoDB
Zendesk Chat connector Segment connector
Segment Zendesk Chat customer support tickets by lead source with Segment data
Zendesk Chat + Segment
Zendesk Chat connector Sourcetable connector
Analyze average customer support response times
Zendesk Chat + Sourcetable
MySQL connector Zendesk Chat connector
Combine MySQL user table and Zendesk Chat tickets for cohort analysis
MySQL + Zendesk Chat
Here's a sample of the Zendesk Chat data that will be available in your Sourcetable spreadsheets:

An agent contains information like name, email, login account, created date and last login date


The role which an agent has, roles are the privileges that can be given to agents


Contains the IP address and the reason of ban


Contains the visitor id and reason of ban


Contains the visitor information, preview, type, started by, response time, session timing information


Contains the association of chat id and agent id


Contains the history information related to a chat


Contains the association of chat id and tag id


Contains the department information like name, description and enabled


Contains the association of a agent id and department id


Contains the information of chat, agent, department, started by, assigned, comment, timestamp and duration


Contains the information like phone, notes, email and name of visitor