Analyze data without SQL or engineers

Build driven organizations without technical skills. Generate comprehensive dashboards and visualizations using excel-like spreadsheet syntax. Easily run queries using SQL or a no-code GUI.

A screenshot of a Sourcetable dashboard with Salesforce and Stripe data

Used by the world's most innovative teams

“Sourcetable has pulled back the veil allowing us to see, in nearly real time, how our strategies affect results. Thank you, Sourcetable!”

“We've been able to increase our ROI and get quicker feedback on where to spend more, when and where to pull back.”

“It's just about streamlining analytics. So, if we can have analytics from multiple platforms in one place, that just saves us tons of time and energy.”

What makes Sourcetable

Sourcetable allows you to work with multiple data streams in a spreadsheet interface using A1 notation. If you know your way around Excel - you'll love Sourcetable.

Underneath the spreadsheet interface, Sourcetable also provides a data warehouse, where all data flows are encrypted to provide maximum security for your data.

Be on the same page with your team: invite them to your dashboards, and receive automated reports on key metrics for your department.

Sourcetable is a spreadsheet with a data warehouse. Connect, sync and query all of your data in one place, without needing engineers.

Everything in Sourcetable is always up to date. Stop exporting static CSV files and start building models from live data flows.

Aggregate data from multiple systems and databases to build a reliable reporting infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know SQL, can I use Sourcetable?
Sourcetable is ideal for you! It unites a robust data warehouse with a user-friendly interface, enabling you to gain insights without technical knowledge. Access your data from a visual interface, and build reports using the spreadsheet syntax you already know.
How quickly can we implement Sourcetable across the entire organization?
Our experience shows that Sourcetable quickly becomes the go-to tool for key decision-makers within the first weeks. It eventually replaces all other reporting tools within the company thanks the spreadsheet interface and zero learning curve. To speed up adoption, we can assist with the setup and create customized dashboards for you. Sign up today to learn more about our offering!
Can I execute SQL queries in Sourcetable?
Yes, you can! Sourcetable has a full SQL editor to make data analysis simple for those who just can’t live without it. Write queries in SQL and ship results in a data table that the rest of your team can use. Sourcetable combines an Excel-like interface with a data warehouse, so everyone can adopt this tool.
Do you store my data?
Sourcetable provides users with a turnkey data warehouse out of the box. Users can centralize and store large amounts of data without needing a data engineer. Data is encrypted with read-only access (Sourcetable cannot overwrite your source). See our Integrations Page [link] for a full list of integrations that connect to Sourcetable.

Connect all your data in a single spreadsheet, without code