Generate meaningful insights for your startup, without technical expertise.

Build powerful dashboards to support your team, seamlessly connect 100+ data sources, and automate your reporting - all in one spreadsheet.

A screenshot of a Sourcetable dashboard with Salesforce and Stripe data

Used by the world's most innovative teams

“Sourcetable has pulled back the veil allowing us to see, in nearly real time, how our strategies affect results. Thank you, Sourcetable!”

“We've been able to increase our ROI and get quicker feedback on where to spend more, when and where to pull back.”

“It's just about streamlining analytics. So, if we can have analytics from multiple platforms in one place, that just saves us tons of time and energy.”

What makes Sourcetable

Focus on your work while Sourcetable automatically syncs data from more than 100 data sources for sales, marketing, and product development.

Be on the same page with your team: invite them to your dashboards, and receive automated reports on your data.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Sourcetable instantly becomes a go-to tool for dashboard creation, reporting, and data anomaly tracking.

Who can use Sourcetable?

Create a single source of truth that everyone can refer to align their work with the company's goals and mission.

Identify and create reports on patterns, trends, and opportunities. <br> Support the decision-making and help to optimize ongoing campaigns.

Discover the most effective sales channels and tactics. Use reports to improve the performance of the company's sales efforts.

Make more informed decisions about where to allocate resources and how to improve the financial performance of your startup.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a technical founder; can I still benefit from Sourcetable?
Yes, absolutely! Sourcetable looks and feels like a spreadsheet with a powerful twist - 100+ one-click integrations, powerful visualizations, and real-time data. No technical skills are needed!.
Can I create several dashboards for different teams (marketing, product, sales)?
Yes, Sourcetable allows you to create multiple workbooks to keep your data and your teams organized. In these workbooks, you can automate reports and create necessary dashboards for your colleagues.
Can I connect the Postgres database in Sourcetable?
Yes, you can connect Postgres and MySQL databases alongside 100+ more integrations available on the platform. If you have a data source that is not on the list - please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to learn more about your need!
Do you store my data?
Sourcetable provides users with a turnkey data warehouse out of the box. Users can centralize and store large amounts of marketing data without needing a data engineer. Data is encrypted with read-only access (Sourcetable cannot overwrite your data source).

Connect all your data in a single spreadsheet, without code