We are Sourcetable.

Spreadsheets with Superpowers.

Sourcetable emerged from a frustration with current spreadsheet technology. Spreadsheets were supposed to be a tool to plan, analyze and inquire. A place to gain insight and make better business decisions. A scaffolding through which we could extend ourselves.

Instead, the workday has become a battleground for the most mundane of disagreements — “do you have the right data?” — and spreadsheets are right in the thick of it. They are the cowardly culprit at the back of the room, shrinking from responsibility hoping nobody notices.

Spreadsheet have ossified, calcified and putrified through a bestowed sense of complacency. At this very moment, Big-Corp executives are chuckling over whiskey as they whiff a long belabored truth: "What else will people use? It’s not like there’s another option!”

More than a little chagrined, we started asking some very simple questions:

  • What would happen if the spreadsheet was re-built from the ground up, using the latest technology, and a goal of making them more pleasurable, more powerful, and more performant?

  • How would spreadsheets be different if they were reimagined to have live-data as the backbone of decision making? Data so accessible that we wouldn't have to rely on data engineers and analysts as intermediaries.

  • Could spreadsheets become a data hub that is so extensive, so user-friendly and so flexible that they could automate entire workflows?

  • Can the experience of using a spreadsheet be so good that it feels like having superpowers?

Sourcetable is the answer to these questions.

Sourcetable is a spreadsheet with all the calculation functions and collaboration features you’ve come to expect, and many you didn’t know you needed until now. Sourcetable makes it easy to connect and sync to your business data, whether it’s on a database like MySql, Postgres or Redshift, or whether it lives in SaaS applications like Segment, Salesforce, Xero, Hubspot and Stripe (and many more).

Sourcetable leverages cloud computation so you can run complex queries over million of rows in seconds, using the spreadsheet formulas you already know (no thanks, SQL and R!). Sourcetable also makes it easy to present and share your data in mobile-friendly dashboards at the touch of a button.

For more advanced users, Sourcetable introduces many features that programmers already rely on: variable assignment, fuzzy search, and tab forwarding. We’re also building an extensive API so you can build powerful workflows into Sourcetable without ever having to leave your keyboard.

This is 2020. We are connected humans with connected minds. Live data is not just a paradigm, it is a prerequisite for building business machines that are always on and always working for us. The next billion spreadsheet users aren’t going to settle for any less.

Enjoy the superpowers, and remember: with great power comes great responsibility!


Eoin & Jeff

p.s. we use Sourcetable to build Sourcetable. If you are as as excited as we are about re-building the world’s most-used business application, get in touch.