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Improve AR Workflows with Accounts Receivable Report

The Accounts Receivable Report gives an accurate snapshot of outstanding invoices and provides actionable insights to improve AR workflows, helping to determine the average collection period.

What is Aged Receivables?

Aged receivables is a report that tracks how long an invoice has been outstanding. It is used as a gauge to assess a company's financial health and to estimate the value of receivables that the company does not collect.

Are Accounts Receivable Reports important?

Yes, Accounts Receivable Reports are important. They provide valuable information about how much cash a company has available to pay its bills, how much money it can expect to collect in the future, and how well it is managing its receivables.

How do I calculate Accounts Receivable?

Accounts Receivable can be calculated using the following formula:  Accounts Receivable = Total Outstanding Invoices - Payments Received 

Key Points

1. Get an Overview of Customer Invoices
The accounts receivable aging report gives a snapshot of the status quo of pending invoices and allows you to quickly get an overview of customer invoices.
2. Improve Efficiency
The accounts receivable aging report helps to improve efficiency by giving you a deeper insight into customers' business and providing information on the amount due from customers.
3. Use Regular Reports
It is recommended to use a weekly or monthly accounts receivable aging report to stay up-to-date on customer invoices.

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