Asana is project management software that helps teams share and work and collaborate on projects

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Create reports using Asana data
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Create a burn chart of all active Asana tasks
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Get a combined list of Asana tasks and Github issues
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Search all active Asana tasks, by type
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Automate Asana reporting using Sourcetable
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Here's a sample of the Asana data that will be available in your Sourcetable spreadsheets:

Any file attached to a ticket whether it is uploaded from the device of belongs to google drive or dropbox is called an attachment


Organisation is the company using the Asana, it contains the name and id of organisation


A list of tasks that can be prioritized and shared among the users of an organisation depending upon their user permissions


Contains the association of project with a task


A division of project that groups the tasks together. A section can be in a list view or a column in a board


Any activity performed by a user like creating tasks, assigning tasks etc are called stories


Tags acts a label which can be applied to a task


Contains the association of a tag and a user


A base object on which multiple operations are performed, tasks are usually present in the middle pane based on sort parmeters


Contains the association of a task and a user


Contains the association of task and a section


Contains the assocation of a task and a tag


A group of people associated with a project within an organisation


A user is the account created in Asana that can be access to various operations to add, manipulaet tasks and other operations


A highest level of organiztional unit in Asana is called workspace in which projects and tasks are associated