Adroll is an e-commerce marketing platform that allows users to place ads, monitor performance, and run campaigns.

Sync Adroll data to Sourcetable

Build reports once. Connect to Adroll and start modeling from live data.

Popular Use Cases

Adroll connector Sourcetable connector
Automate reports from Adroll
Adroll + Sourcetable
Adroll connector MySQL connector
Create CAC models using Adroll and MySQL database data
Adroll + MySQL
Adroll connector PostgreSQL connector
Analyze CAC to LTV ratios using Adroll and PostgreSQL database data
Adroll + PostgreSQL
 connector Sourcetable connector
Model ad spend over time using Adroll data
+ Sourcetable
Adroll connector Salesforce connector
Determine impact of retargeting campaigns on sales close rates
Adroll + Salesforce