Formulas / ASC
Convert full-width characters to half-width characters.
  • text - the text to change


  • ASC("????")

    The ASC function converts "Sourcetable" into itself, "Sourcetable". This example returns ????.


The ASC function in Sourcetable changes full-width characters, which are double-byte, to half-width characters, which are single-byte. It requires a text argument, and does not change text if it contains full-width letters.

  • The ASC function is used to convert text from full width characters to half width characters in double-byte character set languages.
  • The ASC function does not affect any text that does not contain full width characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ASC function do?
The ASC function is used to convert full-width characters in a cell to single-width characters.
Does the ASC function work with all languages?
No, the ASC function only works with DBCS (double-byte character set) languages.
Does the ASC function take any arguments?
Yes, the ASC function takes one argument, which is required.
What is the argument for the ASC function?
The argument for the ASC function is text or a cell reference containing the text to change.
Will the ASC function change text if it has no full-width letters?
No, the ASC function does not change text if it has no full-width letters.

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